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The Valle Occidental, or West Valley, seems to have been created especially for coffee growing, with altitudes of 800-1400 meters above sea level, humidity consistently near 81%, and an average temperature of 21°C, all factors that promote a plentiful, healthy crop.

Valle Occidental typically experiences rain for about 160 days each year. The start of the dry season in November coincides with the coffee harvest, which continues until February, often with festive atmosphere during the Christmas holidays. Most local growers have small plantations and use sustainable agriculture and processing methods to produce Arabica beans with the balanced acidity and body for which West Valley coffee is world famous.

OUR COFFEES FROM "Valle Occidental"

Valle Occidental
Gerardo Vargas Rojas
Lote Gloria
Annex - CA

Valle Occidental
Gerardo Enrique Salazar Gonzales
Finca La Casa
Durme Natie -

Valle Occidental
Gerardo Suarez
Coffea Suarez
Continental NJ - NJ