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We are your Ally for green coffee and education.

New and Exciting

Inga Aponte Red Honey

Plantain, Ripe Bananas, Dates


Primavera Natural

Cherry, Citrus, Cacao



Lemon, Brown Sugar, Black Tea


Santa Rosa Topazio

Cherry, Guava, Papaya


Your Ally in Coffee

Ally has roots on our farms in Brazil and a global network of producer partners. We operate according to the following principles:

Traceable Quality: We transparently communicate the traceable provenances of all coffees, whether microlots from single farms, mid-size lots from cooperatives, full containers from larger estates, or experimental coffees from Ally’s farms in Brazil.

Sustainable Partnerships: Our sourcing practices are built for the long term, equitably compensating farmers to account for investments in social and environmental sustainability.

Integrated Education: Our headquarters and quality control lab in South Carolina offers courses and training for the coffee novice through to the experienced professional.

Learn with Us

Our accredited instructors offer SCA and CQI courses and personalized coffee education covering topics from green coffee to barista training in our certified lab. Learn to cup, manage a coffee bar, roast and understand coffee cultivation and processing methods used at different origins.