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The US Coffee Champs Qualifying Event in New Orleans was an incredible event, especially on the Brewer's Cup stage. I was assigned to this stage and managed the logistics and the schedule of the competition throughout the week.

I guess it started with a machine, an espresso machine. My dad got an espresso machine for his 50th birthday and it caught my attention. Maybe I was 16 or 17 years old, and this led to finding the only shop in my hometown of Gothenburg selling spare espresso machine parts and they had this shelf of different coffees.

A few weeks ago, folks from the towns of Aponte and Buesaco in Colombia visited NYC to see what things are like in one of the cities where their coffee is consumed.

I worked as a lawyer first. My background is in law, then three years ago I decided to try other stuff. I have always loved coffee and been a dedicated home brewer, especially while living in Toronto, Canada.

Fresh crop Finca El Mirador from Suaza, Huila has landed in New Jersey! Kyle Bellinger, co-owner of the farm along with Jaime Jaidir Losada, shared updates from the farm. 

I started working in coffee around seven years ago. I started out as a barista in a local coffee shop here in Greenville, at Coffee and Crema, which was the only specialty shop closer than Atlanta at the time.

I used to be a barista for Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea, just during college winter breaks and during the summer. Willoughby’s has four cafes, two in New Haven and two on the shoreline in Connecticut, with a roasting plant in Branford. 

The St. Petersburg Barista Marathon was held in St. Petersburg, Russia January 19th-21st, 2018 and proved to be an aptly named event. There were regional competitions for Barista and Cup Tasters as well as Cezve & Ibrik national championships.

I started to work for Ally to broaden up my horizon about a different section of coffee, as until now I was mostly dealing with coffee as final product and its presentation to the customer. Green coffee and its trading is a new, exciting adventure which I can combine very well with my existing experience in the coffee business.

February Courses at Ally Coffee Specialty Headquarters in Greenville, SC